September 29, 2023

Explore These Houston Coffee Shops on National Coffee Day


Houston, we have a problem- it’s National Coffee Day, and you’re not caffeinated.


Happy National Coffee Day to all of our hustling Houstonians! Celebrate the occasion this weekend with our list of top five coffee shops to visit in Houston. Maybe you’ll find your new fav or discover flavors you’ve never even heard of. Whatever the case may be, we hope this list fills your weekend with a buzzing coffee experience!


  1. Eden Plants + Coffee


Every plant owner's dream lies here. Work at a cafe that surrounds you with nature at Eden Plants + Coffee, where you’ll find an array of plants of all sizes beautifully co-exist inside this greenhouse haven. Not to mention their uniquely crafted flavors like maple basil, mocha masala, and golden milk will leave you with an unforgettable coffee or matcha experience. So next time you’re in midtown, stop by and you won’t regret it!


  1. Lala Land Kind Cafe


If you’re looking for a little bit of kindness brewed in every cup, look no further than Lala Land Kind Cafe! This is “a cafe with the purpose of hiring and mentoring foster youth + normalizing kindness”. With such an inspiring mission, amazing drinks, and stellar avocado toast, this cafe is a must-visit in Houston. Step into one of the two Houston locations, where you’ll be greeted by a soft and inviting ambiance that will truly brighten your day. 


  1. Agora


Let me introduce you to Agora, where Greek culture meets Houston. This cafe is undoubtedly one of Houston’s most iconic coffee spots, with its uniquely Greek interior and amazing menu. Located in the Montrose district, Agora is home to gourmet coffees, imported ales & beers, and a wide selection of wines and European delicacies, including Greek yogurts and cheeses. This warm, old-world, and artisanally inspiring atmosphere will transport you to another time in a quaint Greek village.


  1. Uncle Bean’s Coffee


For a quick drive-through order or an outdoor patio catch-up with friends, Uncle Bean’s Coffee is your place! This dog and vegan-friendly cafe is the perfect spot for a chill coffee break from the busy life of a Houstonian. Located in the Woodland Heights area, Uncle Bean’s is here to start your day off right with funky fun flavors like Lucky Charms Latte, Elderberry Peach Black Tea, and Iced Horchata Latte Uncle Bean’s will always keep it exciting!


  1. Catalina Coffee


Recognized as one of the 'Top 100 Southern Drinking Destinations' by Imbibe magazine, Catalina Coffee is dedicated to the craft of brewing. This independent coffee shop, nestled on Washington Avenue, serves up lattes and cappuccinos that are truly works of art. For a modern industrial atmosphere and good coffee pay Catalina Coffee a visit, but hot tip bring your laptop fully charged because outlets are limited!


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