November 05, 2021

Virtual Reality Space Experience Coming to Sawyer Yards

The Infinite, a virtual reality experience that gives you the ability to explore the International Space Station, is coming to Sawyer Yards this December. 

Infinity Experiences is bringing this one-of-a-kind virtual reality exploration adventure to  Houston, after wrapping up a tour in Canada. The company had always had a plan to bring The Infinite experience to Houston. Namely, for Houston’s ties to NASA as well as its celebration of culture, diversity, innovation, science, and the arts in our city. 

To create this world-class, immersive virtual exploration, Infinity Experiences partnered with the ISS National Lab and NASA to produce more than 200 hours of virtual reality footage. 

Admission is $29 for a 60-minute virtual reality adventure. The interactive exhibit opens on December 20th, and you can purchase your tickets online at

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