January 20, 2017

Jeff Bagwell finally joins Craig Biggio in Baseball Hall of Fame

After fifteen years, 449 HR's, 488 doubles, 2,314 hits, 1,529 RBI's, 1,517 runs, 1401 walks, and 202 stolen bases; Bagwell joins some of the best players of all time in the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

The big question on so many minds is what took so long? While many players at that time took shortcuts to obtain their goals, Bagwell focused on his own skills and hard work and after a long list of accomplishments, Bagwell finally joined his longtime teammate, Craig Biggio. 

Bagwell and Biggio began their career together in 1991 at the Houston Astrodome and finished after the 2005 World Series in Minute Maid Park. The two became the face of baseball for the Houston community and will forever live in the much deserved Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Source: CultureMap Houston

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