May 25, 2018

Art Exhibit You Shouldn't Miss!

The acclaimed Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, an internationally known innovator of kinetic and optical art, has created an immersive piece for the The Cistern-- One of the city’s most strange and wonderful hidden spaces. The Cistern, at the Water Works in Buffalo Bayou Park, was first constructed almost a century ago as an underground freshwater reservoir. Spatial Chromointerference both transforms and just fits the environment.

Because columns of colored light are projected onto the interior columns but also onto some of the walkway walls that ring the Cistern, visitors don’t just view Chromointerference from afar; instead, they move within in the pillars and strands of light, becoming actors within the artwork. Visitors are encouraged to wear white to become moving bodies to catch the light. If you’re not suitably attired, Cistern docents will offer the use of a fashionable lab coat. 

Source: Culture Map Houston

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